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Our Story

Our Story


Networkpak was born from our other business, CP Gluing. CP Gluing has been a carton converting specialist since its inception in 1972. Originally founded by Charlie Powell, CP Gluing became Australia's leading trade gluing specialist. Mathew and Stewart took over the business in 1995 and in 2010 started Networkpak on the back of constant enquiries for total supply of printed folding cartons.

Networkpak has now managed to make a mark on the industry utilising many years of box making experience with the latest in print technology.

We have a strong inventory of equipment to produce high quality Aqueous and UV print up to 6 colours at once. Added to this, our brand new KBA press has integrated camera technology reading ink density on every sheet with adjustments every 10th sheet. We are running the latest technology in etched plate die cutting and our glue machinery are equipped with up to date HHS glue systems. We also run glue detection and coding if required.

Combining experience with superior technology, capacity and excellent customer service, Networkpak takes an advantage over every competitor.